Moving on to the future. Michelle has always wanted a life filled with animals of all kinds and plants. At this point, in 2016, I need to change gears to fulfill these ambitions. My mental and physical health is my primary concern. It is time to take in only that which makes me stronger. The last 25 years have been fabulously filled meeting people and getting to help in their myriad of projects. Obtaining the unique finishing touches including the unique clothing closures, velvet, and various old-time sewing items has brought me great joy. zthanl you.But now is a time for growing and allowing my world of creativity to florish. Thank you to all of you who have been with me along this journey. Remember I will be here until June 31st, and all remaining stock is 50% off. Listed availability may be inaccurate so everything will be confirmed after your order is placed within a day or two after your order is placed. YES EVERYTHING IS 50% OFF, EVEN IF IT IS BELOW MY COST...So get busy on whatever project you may have and let me know if I can help you one last time... Best of luck to all of you an in all that your future's hold!

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Glatz Tobacco Shop
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Closing, offically on Tuesday, June 31, 2016. All remaing stock 50% off starting April 1.

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Byzantine Button


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  • Norwegian Pewter

antiquity clasp
Antiquity Clasp

Fidelio and Figaro Velvet -Fine velvet made in USA